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I started working on a project back in June of 2011 that had an Analog Devices ADAU1442 SigmaDSP involved. I continue working on this project to this day, and about 4 months ago I decided it would be pretty cool to be able to control the DSP registers from my Raspberry Pi. After searching around on the SigmaDSP forum, I came across how to integrate a microcontroller with a SigmaDSP post.

After spending a lot of time trying to understand how it all works and how the “SigmaStudioFW.h” file integrates into the whole equation, I started to mess around and see what I could do with it.

I came across several problems:
1. The DSP registers have 2 Byte addresses (isn’t a problem when doing a write, is a problem when doing a read)
2. The process to take the user value and convert it to what the DSP wants isn’t as straight forward as you would think
3. To make the user GUI I decided to turn my Pi into a webserver hosting a CGI script… except I had no idea what CGI was or how it worked…

Since most of my time trying to figure all of this out was done at home, I bought the EVAL-ADAU1761Z from Digikey. I went with that board because in the SigmaDSP forum post it used this board as an example, and it is small so I could carry it around with me. As of right now, the ADAU1761 is the only processor I’ve tried this on, and although it *should* work on any of the SigmaDSP chips, I can’t guarantee anything…

I had my work cut out for me, and now that I’ve spent countless hours working on it, here is what I’ve come up with…






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